Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stained Glass Infinity Scarf ~FREE PATTERN~

I really fell in love with these colors while creating this set. Theres something so feminine about it that just makes me think of tulips .... or sweetheart roses...... Maybe Im just in some sort of desperate need for color other than the colors that are surrounding me right now in the dog days of a harsh northern Minnesota winter..... something that speaks to the coming of spring.

This scarf works up really quickly and you can decide for yourself how wide, or even how long you would like it :) Settle in, grab your hooks and some scrumptious yarn and lets get hookin'. Dont forget to pop on over and visit me at Strings and Things on Facebook..... check out whats up coming for patterns, share your work or just say "Hi!"

*photo tutorial coming as in my other patterns sorry for the delay.... hubby is out of town for a full week and Im left to rangel our 6 kidlets alone and havent had enough time* If you have any questions on the written pattern, please feel free to drop me  anote and I'll be sure to help as best I can.

I hook
Smile :)
Yarn Needle
3 colors worsted weight yarn (I used I Love This Yarn! in Color A: Black, Color B: Hot Rose, Color C: Pink)

Let's Get Started :)

This stitch is a multiple of 2 which means as long as you keep it at an ebven number, the length is all up to you. I wanted mine to wrap 3 times so my starting chain was 200.

Color A: Ch 200 and join to form a large loop *dont twist* Chain 3
Double Crochet in each chain around until you get to the first chain 3. Slip stitch into the top of the chain 3 and chain 1.

Round 2: Sc in first dc, *chain 2, sk 2 dc, sc in next sp.*  repeat from *-* all the way around joining the last sc with the first starting sc while joining color B. chain 3 with new color and turn.

Round 3: 3 dc in first ch 2 space and in each chain 2 space all the way around until last chain 2 space. 2 dc in last ch 2 space, join to first dc while also joining Color A. Chain 1, turn.

Round 4: Sc in first dc, *chain 2, sk 2 sc, sc in next dc sp.*  repeat from *-* all the way around joining the last sc with the first starting sc while joining color C. chain 3 with new color and turn. 

Round 5: 3 dc in first ch 2 space and in each chain 2 space all the way around until last chain 2 space. 2 dc in last ch 2 space, join to first dc while also joining Color A. Chain 1, turn.

Repeat rows 2-5 as many times as your desired thickness.

Finishing rows: *using color A*

Sc in next dc, skip 1 dc and sc in dc space. *Sc in the top of the next middle dc, skip 1 dc and sc in the dc space*. *repeat around* Slip stitch into first sc. Chain 3 and dc in each sc all the way around.
Fasten off, weave in ends and there you have it ...... <3

Friday, February 14, 2014

Stained Glass Beanie Hat ~FREE PATTERN~

Stained Glass 
I hook
3 colors worsted weight yarn (I used I Love This Yarn in Black*main*, Hot Rose*color A* and Pink*color B*)
Yarn needle
Optional pom pom maker
A Smillllleeeeee :)

Making the Band
With your main color (mine is black) begin the band by chaining 7.
row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from the hook and all the way across (6 sc)
row 2: Ch 1 and turn. Sc in the back loop only of each st across (6 sc)
*repeat row 2 until you have 62 rows total*

Joining the Band
Slip stitch through the back of your last st and the front of the starting chain to form a ring with the band. Continue to slip stitch in each stitch in the starting chain to join the band for a total of 6 slip stitches. When your band is joined chain 1. sc across the entire length of the top band increasing the stitch count evenly around until you reach 70 stitches.

Body of the Hat
Row 1: With main color ch 1. Sc in first sc, *chain 2, sk 2 sc, sc in next sp.*  repeat from *-* all the way around joining the last sc with the first starting sc while joining color A. chain 3 with new color and turn.

Round 2: 3 dc in first ch 2 space and in each chain 2 space all the way around until last chain 2 space. 2 dc in last ch 2 space, join to first dc while also joining main color. Chain 1, turn.

Round 3: Sc in first dc, *chain 2, sk 2 dc, sc in next sp.*  repeat from *-* all the way around joining the last sc with the first starting sc while joining color B. chain 3 with new color and turn. 

Round 4: 3 dc in first ch 2 space and in each chain 2 space all the way around until last chain 2 space. 2 dc in last ch 2 space, join to first dc while also joining main color. Chain 1, turn.

Repeat rows 1-4 until there are 6 dc rows, 3 of each of the colors A and B.

Closing the Top:

After 3rd row of color B join w main color and chain 1. Sc in first dc and in the next 2 dc. *Sc in the space between the next 2 dc, sc in 2 dc(   repeat*-*
Working in the round continue sc in each sc around working decreases like this.... 2 in next 2 sc, sc decrease in the next..... repeat this around and around until your hole is ready to close near the top, about when 20-25 stitches around are left. Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing up the top and closing up tight. Add a pom pom, or not, weave in your ends and there you have it! Smile and relax while wearin your awesomesauce new hat :)

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Vanilla Sour Cream Pancakes Topped With YummmMMMmm

Sunday Funday is really the only day of the week I get him all to myself for a nano second..... the kidlets sleep, we get up early and he has his coffee, me tea. We talk, and cuddle and just be him and I without the magnificent seven whirling around us. Were just for a moment, a boy and a girl in love.

I have to make breakfast for an army and when the troops wake they kinda expect its gonna be good.... or at least something that resembles something extra special. Well, I like simple. Whats more basic than a pancake. Theres just one problem..... I LOATH(ed) making pancakes. I honestly hated them. I never could get the textures I wanted and some were well, lets just say my hubs could mortar a retaining wall with the "batter". Until I stumbled upon this idea....... cakes with sour cream are a bajillion times better than well literally anything on the planet and whats a pancake if not a pan "cake"? I'm sure this has been thought of a zillion times but lemme toss out there the zillionth and one recipe that makes my family smile......

Vanilla Sour Cream Pancakes
4.5 c flour
1.5 teaspoons salt
4 teaspoons baking powder
1/3 c sugar
6 eggs
1 1/3 c sour cream
2 1/2 c milk
8 tablespoons of melted butter
4 teaspoons vanilla

Mix together the flour, salt, baking powder and sugar. Next melt your butter and add to it the vanilla. Pour that into your dry mixture. Crack in 6 eggs and give the yolks a poke to make them easier to combine. Add in your sour cream and lastly the milk. YOUR BATTER WILL BE LUMPY!!!! dont fret..... seriously, dont. Its all good ;) Should look a lil something like this when you're done....

Get your griddle hot and drop by 1/4 cup fulls. When the edges are a lil firm and there are bubbles popping away on the top give them a flip. Never, and I repeat NEVER pat them. This squeezes all that fluffy air goodness right on out. You can serve these up just like this with what ever you like but for Sunday Funday this is what we did .....

Grab some strawberries (frozen is fine, thats what I did) and put them in a pan with a bit of water. Next add about 1/2 c sugar and put the whole thing on the heat bringing it up to a simmering boil.

Next I took a potato masher and got in there and started squishing. *you could do this step with a blender but I like doing it this way. That potato masher was my Aunt Loraine's rest her soul and it always makes me smile when I think of her.....so, by hand I mash* Reduce the liquid as much as you can. It will make a syrup and get thicker from the natural pectin in the fruit.

Ideally if you were on top of your game or just plain ubar awesomesauce at planning this all would be done the night before so you could skip the snow-bank-rapid-refrigeration-system-of-the-north but alas I am NONE of those things and so out to the frozen tundra *ahem, deck* I go and plop it down in some of the cold stuff..... with a -25*F to -45*F windchill this morning it didnt take long :)

Heavy whipping cream comes next...... you could use cool whip or the like if you choose but oooohhhhhhhh I love the real stuff..... no seriously, Ive been known to just hit the container one in a while for a shot of the good stuff :P

So just dump it in the mixer bowl and add about 2 or 3 teaspoons of sugar and set the mixer speed to medium and let it do its thing.....

In just a few wee lil minutes you have this bit of Heaven....... and yes, it is ok to hog the beater for yourself......

In the end it could look like this.... a really yummerific hot mess. A chocolate drizzle, or bath if you are so inclined, is a nice touch.

Or it could be like this..... with layers of peanut butter and bananas with whipped cream and of course that chocolate drizzle.

Or just let the kidlets build there own.... like this strawberry, banana, peanut butter whipped creamy goodness

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lady Marmalade Corset Gloves ~ FREE PATTERN!

Lady Marmalade Corset Gloves ~ FREE PATTERN!

Sometimes the idea for a photo comes before the pattern. I adore photography and whats more I adore photos that tell a story.... maybe its the real reason I create pieces and patterns I intern "have" to shoot. Just an excuse I've created to play at fantasy.....like these corset gloves. Impractical in nearly every way. They offer no protection from the elements and where in the world would I even have the occasion to slide them on? Hellllllllloooooooo February! What better style glove than a corset for the month of love?

The idea really came from a song we all seem to remember to words to even if we have no idea of their real meaning....... "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir? Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?" and the version sung here in this video that just get me smilin'..... and I thought who wouldn't love a lil Gitchi Gichi Ya Ya this Valentines Day? ;) 

So from my boudoir to yours....... 

much loveeeeeeeeee :)

Lady Marmalade Corset Gloves 

Number 5 crochet thread
Hook 1/2.75mm 
Needle to weave in ends
Contrasting color of Worsted Weight Yarn or 1/8 ribbon for laces

Chain 69

Row 1: 1 dc in 5th chain from the hook, chain 1, skip one stitch and double crochet in next st repeat across to last stitch. 1 dc in last st. Chain 3, turn

Row 2: double crochet in first open space, chain 1, double crochet again in the same space (V-St made). V-stitch in each chain 1 space all the way across. 1 dc in turning chain of previous row. Chain 3 and turn

REPEAT row 2 for 16 more rows until the final row.... instead of ending with a chain 3 .... end with a chain 4 and turn. (total 17 rows of V-St)

Next row is the other side of the lace up holes. it goes like this:
Double crochet in first ch 1 space of the V-stitch, ch 1. Double crochet in the next ch 1 space of the next V-st., ch 1 across to the end of the row. 1 Double crochet in the turning chain of the last st.

Fold gloves in half length wise and join together with a slip stitch at the wrist by inserting the hook through the starting chain of the first row. Chain 1, 2 sc in each Dc end space around. Join with slip stitch to first sc. Ch 1, sc in each sc around 2 more times for a total of three rows.

Chain 25 for the finger loop and join in stitch next to first stitch of chain (this makes the finger loop) sc around the finger loop for 2 rows. finish off weave in ends.

With the glove facing you, join thread on the left side in the first stitch at the very narrowest part of the open V(the part of the glove around your wrist, not upper arm) Ch 1 and 2 sc in each lace opening up the length of the glove, around the top and down the other lace opening. Fasten off weave in ends.

Use a long length of black yarn, or 1/8 inch ribbon to lace up your corset glove.

Make its mate, slide em on and have some fun :)

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